Traject, tailor-made mobility

Traject is a consulting office specialised in mobility management, based in Brussels and Ghent. We have more than 10 years experience in various areas of mobility management:

  • Mobility plans for specific destinations and target groups: commuter plans,
    transportation plans for schools, events, tourist, leisure and shopping destinations...
    Location planning. Incidence studies
  • Change management in transport and mobility
  • Development of tailor made transport solutions; parking studies
  • Targeted communication strategies in mobility and transportation; signposting plans
  • Coordination and management of mobility centres

Mobility management projects involving the user

Traject develops a global vision on traffic and mobility, introducing the user's point of view. A user is considered to be, not only each individual who moves from place to place, but also everyone concerned with facilitating accessibility to specific destinations: managers of companies or institutions, shopping areas or stores, tourist destinations, event organizers,...


The mobility of man is a human problem more so than a technical problem. One doesn't choose a certain means of mobility (the daily use of the car, for example) for the vehicle in and of itself: instead he, through his decision, tries to enhance the quality of his life (less time wasted and more comfort, for instance).

We must act in consequence of this fact if we want to affect change in area of mobility. Traject opts for a personalised, "bottom up" approach to confronting the problems of mobility. Better results are obtained when we start from a thorough knowledge of the transport needs of persons, functions, locations.

Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to communication and the creation of partnerships where the suppliers of transport products work together with transport users. This doesn't mean that the technical aspects of transport and mobility studies are neglected. They are only used differently: as elements contributing to a process of change.

The fact that each conversion project is carried and supported by the people for whom it is developed is an undeniable advantage. Traject proposes to assist you in successfully achieving your mobility goals!