Employers: enterprises, institutions and administrations

Traject was created in 1992 and is a pioneer in the matter of transport and mobility planning for businesses. Today Traject is the leading consultant in this field in Belgium.

Reasons to work with Traject:

  • Deployment of a transport plan for your business;
  • Incidence and location studies;
  • Tailor made access information for staff, clients and visitors;
  • Organisation of an internal cell for the coordination of transport, which informs and guides employees in their home-office travel;
  • Deployment of parking management;
  • Optimisation of service travel and vehicle parks;
  • Defining policies of transport cost reimbursements and management of mobility budgets;
  • Negotiations with public institutions;
  • (Re)organisation of the transport of personnel, carpooling, car-sharing and vanpooling;
  • Counsel during conversion processes (moves, mergers).


Schools, stores, commercial centres or poles of attraction, recreation centres, event organisers

The overwhelming increase in traffic flow is not simply the consequence of home-office travel. On the contrary! Man travels more for leisure then for work. And it is here that Traject can intervene and propose mobility solutions for all sorts of destinations. Now that it is no longer possible to park anywhere one may wish, it has become evident that it is essential for all activities seeking to be profitable to have amenable accessibility.


Regions and zones

Attacking the problem of mobility at its roots, via its user, is an operation that takes place on the local and regional levels. Therefore Traject prefers to work with organisations responsible for regional or local development, in order to find a coherent and comprehensive solution. Traject works with, among others, provincial authorities, Chambers of Commerce, regional platforms and development companies, and real estate developers. The authorities concerned with the (commercial) viability of a site foresee an adequate transport service next to other facilities, following the example of the Transport Management Associations in the US or the 'Vervoercoördinatiecentra' in the Netherlands, or the Flemish Mobidesks (supported by Traject).



Municipalities are, because of their institutional powers, near the user and therefore provide an ideal starting point for the implementation of contemporary mobility management.

Traject offers municipalities:

  • Counsel on mobility plans based on the needs of the inhabitants and visitors;
  • Studies on and implementation of new transport projects (new forms of collective transport, intermodal transport, carpooling, car-sharing);
  • Consultation and communication for conversion processes with businesses, merchants, organisers, the population;
  • Campaigns for sustainable transport means;
  • Planning and follow up of signposting;
  • Reducing the negative impacts of important construction works on mobility and traffic;
  • Training for mobility managers.



Traject offers services to transport companies (private or public) for the organisation and marketing of systems of collective and intermodal transport.


Regional, national and European authorities

Traject works with central authorities on strategy in the field of mobility management, the conception of new products, demonstrations and training.

Our domains of expertise:

  • Strategy for a user-oriented approach to mobility;
  • Coordination of (inter)national demonstration projects;
  • Pilot projects;
  • Testing and central marketing of new transport projects;
  • Training of administrative personnel;
  • Organisation (substantive) of workshops and symposiums.