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Mobility Centres in Flanders

The first Mobility centre in Belgium, Mobidesk Limburg, was opened in May 2003 and managed by Traject until 2007. From 2008 on, it will be managed by the Province.

The Mobidesk has been a source of inspiration, because each of the 5 Provinces of Flanders now has a Mobility Centre. Traject assists the Provincial administrations in setting up these centres. We provide training for personnel as well as mobility studies and some specific ICT, like a (now multilingual) tool for on line surveys.

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Home-work traffic and company mobility management

Recent projects in the field of home-work traffic and mobility management for companies involving Traject:

  • Recent mobility management projects for individual companies and administrations: Brussels Airport Company, Case New Holland, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, BNP Paribas Fortis, AG insurance, GDF Suez Electrabel, the Port of Antwerp, the City of Luxemburg, the Council of the EU in Brussels, the Belgian Federal Ministry of Justice, the Province of Antwerp...;
  • In house consulting. For GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Case New Holland, BNP Paribas Fortis, AG insurance and the industrial zones of Galilei and Mercator, Traject had the opportunity to continue its assistance on a permanent basis after the approval of the measures. In all these companies, one of our mobility consultants does the job of a (part time) in house mobility manager. A good choice, because in order to benefit the most from our experience, you should give us the chance to implement measures and to make them effective;
  • Mobility management for industrial zones: Brussels Airport region (several studies and campaigns), Genk-South and Genk-North, Galilei and Mercator in Brussels, Kanaalzone Merksem-Deurne in Antwerp, Drongen and Gentbrugge in Ghent, Nivelles-Sud, the Ports of Ghent, Zeebrugge and Antwerp;
  • Mobility for work - design of new collective transport (networks). In several regions, Traject assists both companies and public actors in designing new transport networks facilitating the access to work. In the Port of Antwerp, a common network of company buses was designed for 4 important chemical plants. The project was selected for financial support of the Flemish Region (in the framework of the "Pendelfonds" subsidising pilot projects about sustainable mobility for work). Similar studies were conducted, with the same result, in the Port of Ghent and in Genk-Zuid (the park around the Ford production plant).
  • Location choice or move. Relocating the work place has an undeniable effect on mobility and therefore and daily life of the members of staff. Our user oriented approach will prove to be very effective when we assist you in dealing with the consequences of a move on employee mobility. We can also help you to choose the best location to fit with the mobility patterns of your personnel, visitors, clients etc…  Some references in this field: Euroclear Bank, Fortis Real Estate, Altadis, DLAPipers
  • Multimodal access information. More and more companies ask Traject for assistance in communicating about the access to their locations with different transport modes. The tools we provide are the access sheet and tailor made access information for your website. References in this field: Fortis, Ikea, Ethias, Abbott Vascular, Electrabel, Ministry of  Justice, d’Ieteren, Dexia Insurance, Province of Antwerp and the Flemish Regional Authority (example) .
  • Training: Training sessions for companies and trade unions in the framework of the mobility management programmes of the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Studies, the “Centre interuniversitaire des Etudes de Mobilité” (CIEM) in Brussels and Brussels-Environment.

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STREAM - mobility management for tourism and recreation

In Belgium, recreational trips are responsible for about 30% of the overall traffic volume and therefore an important target for mobility management. The European STREAM-project, coordinated by Traject in the framework of the Intelligent Energy programme, was about the promotion of sustainable mobility for recreation and tourism. Pilot projects have taken place in 7 different countries. Traject is responsible for the general coordination and the following projects in Flanders:

  • Mobility plans for 16 recreation parks. 16 tourist attractions in Flanders are being assisted in developing a green mobility plan and communicating (sometimes for the first time) about multimodal access to their site;
  • Provincial recreation area Puyenbroeck (near Ghent). Traject had developed a plan before for this site near the City of Ghent, but now had the opportunity to put in place concrete realisations thanks to the support of the EU and the Province of East-Flanders.


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Mobility management for large events

From 2001 to 2004, Traject co-ordinated the international "SMASH-EVENTS" project (LIFE-programme, EU-DG Environment). In this framework, a standard was developed for integrated environmental management for large events like cultural or sports events, music festivals, exhibitions, etc…with the focus on mobility management. SMASH-events and its many pilot projects generated a lot of experience as well as a manual, still available on

smash1public transport

More and more organizers or site managers become convinced that mobility management can be of great value for large events. A better access to the event increases its attractiveness among visitors and decreases the negative effects on the surroundings and the environment in general.

The cities of Antwerp and Ghent and the Brussels Capital Region have asked Traject for advice in the development of a sustainable mobility policy for large events. In Brussels, event locations that can host more than 3000 visitors at the same time are compelled by law to have a mobility plan.

For the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Studies Traject assists organizers or event site managers in developing a green mobility plan since 2009.

The list of event (sites) having worked with Traject on sustainable mobility planning is growing:

Events covered by the project of the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Studies: Open doek (Turnhout), Turnhoutse Vrijdagen, Cactusfestival (Brugge), Rock Herk, Maanrock (Mechelen), Vredesfeesten (Sint-Niklaas), Ode Gand (Gent), Pukemarock (Puurs).

In the provincial recreation area De Schorre in Boom: Mano Mundo, Tomorrowland.

In the provincial recreation area Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke: Belgian Championship Cyclo-Cross in  2006, the Qontinent, “Knack Zomert” and Popeiland.

Locations covered in the framework of our mission for the Brussels Region: Anderlecht RSC football stadium, Bozar.

In the framework of SMASH-events: Sfinks-festival, Rock Werchter, TW Classic, Environment Day in Brussels, Ten Vrede in Diksmuide, Car Free Sunday in Brussels and the Film festival of Ghent.

Others: Ancienne Belgique, different locations of the “Club Circuit”.

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Transport of goods

Because of the growing need for assistance in this field, and benefiting from occasions offered by different projects, we developed our know how in the field of freight. In this context, and because of our user oriented approach, we focus generally on the demand side and the local (microscopic) aspects.

Some experiences in this field:

  • Conducting workshops on city logistics with transport companies and local merchants in the framework of the CIVITAS-project in the City of Ghent (More info on the site of Civitas)  

  • Studies on freight transport in industrial zones: Nivelles-Sud, Albertkanaal Antwerp and Galilei-Mercator (Brussels).
  • Grouping of parcel and express delivery services in the Prijkels zone of Deinze.
  • Traject is represented in the jury of the Green Truck Award that is given every year to transport companies investing in sustainable transport of goods.


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