Mobility plans for specific destinations and target groups, green travel plans

Since 1992, Traject is recognised as a (national and international) expert in mobility management for companies and industrial zones.

More and more, other types of destinations and locations are covered, like schools, tourist destinations, recreation parks, events, shopping centres,... In all cases, "tailor made mobility" is the base line.


We can contribute to solving a specific mobility problem, develop a complete mobility plan or (in case of important changes) an incidence study.

After the research and planning, we remain available for concrete realisations and the long term management of mobility projects.


Change management in mobility

You can't change mobility from behind a desk, just on the basis of a good traffic study. Besides technical skills, a good understanding of human factors that determine mobility behaviour is necessary. Starting from this vision, Traject helps you to realise change whenever mobility becomes problematic. Our services in this field:

  • Sensitisation and training about change management in mobility;
  • Travel advice (until the individual level) in case of moves or reorganisations;
  • Organisation of citizen participation when mobility plans or new traffic situations are prepared or implemented;
  • Reducing nuisance in case of infrastructure works or new traffic situations by means of communication, signposting and circulation plans.




Tailor made transport systems and parking management

Our services are not limited to the planning phase, but we help realise and manage concrete transport services:

  • Implementation, optimisation and management of company or school bus systems;
  • Organisation of rational car use: sustainable management of car parks and service trips, organisation of car sharing, carpooling, vanpooling, collective taxi;
  • Development of transport reimbursement policies, management of mobility budgets, taking into account fiscal aspects;
  • Parking management and temporary parking plans (for events)
  • Multimodal transport chains (P&R, bike&ride, shuttle services,...).



Marketing and communication in mobility

In the framework of mobility plans or specific campaigns, Traject takes care of everything regarding concertation and communication in the field of mobility:

  • Market studies and research on the transport behaviour of specific groups;
  • Sensitisation and promotion campaigns;
  • Readable access information and individual travel advice;
  • Efficient and consistant signposting;
  • Mediation between (potential) partners in mobility projects.



Long term management of mobility projects and services

Mobility projects are constantly evolving. Most measures will produce visible results only after some time. If you want to reach success in mobility, a good monitoring and a sound management of the results are crucial.

Traject can help to set up a transport coordination centre and/or train mobility managers in companies, institutions, provinces, municipalities,... These centres or managers are responsible for informing and advising specific target groups regarding daily travel and for the follow up of implemented mobility projects.

Traject assists the Flemish Region, the public transport company De Lijn and the Provinces in setting up so called "provincial mobility points". But members of our staff can also be made available as mobility managers for municipalities, industrial zones, in the framework of employment projects, or in large enterprises.